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Haskell Programming: From First Principles by Christopher Allen, Julie Moronuki

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Libraries such as Yesod and Scotty allow you to build web applications quickly, each addressing a diļ¬€erent niche of web development. Aeson is popular and in wide use in the Haskell community for processing JSON data which is currently the lingua franca for data serialization and transmission on the web. Gloss is popular for rendering 2d vector graphics. Xmonad is a tiled window manager for Linux/X11, written in Haskell and popular with Haskell users and non-Haskellers. Many more people use pandoc which is as close to a universal document conversion and processing tool as currently exists, and is also written in Haskell. Haskell is used in industrial settings like oil & gas control systems, data anonymization, mobile applications for iOS and Android, embedded software development, REST APIs, data processing at scale, and desktop applications.