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Good Hair


Director: Jeff Stilson

IMDB: Chris Rock, a man with two daughters, asks about good hair, as defined by Black Americans, mostly Black women. He visits Bronner Brothers' annual hair convention in Atlanta. He tells us about sodium hydroxide, a toxin used to relax hair. He looks at weaves, and he travels to India where tonsure ceremonies produce much of the hair sold in America. A weave is expensive: he asks who makes the money. We visit salons and barbershops, central to the Black community. Rock asks men if they can touch their mates' hair - no, it's decoration. Various talking heads (many of them women with good hair) comment. It's about self image. Maya Angelou and Tracie Thoms provide perspective.

BBC synopsis: Comedian Chris Rock explores the world of African-American hair, visiting beauty salons and barbershops. He also discovers where the hair used in weaves and extensions comes from.

Rotten Tomates: Funny, informative, and occasionally sad, Good Hair is a provocative look at the complex relationship between African Americans and their hair.

Released: 15 Apr 2010 First broadcast: 31 Dec 2013

IMDB: 6.9
Rotten Tomates: 94%
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