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Duck Beach to Eternity


Director: Hadleigh Arnst, Stephen Frandsen

IMDB: DUCK BEACH - A documentary about the annual spring break gathering of over a thousand single Mormon's at Duck Beach North Carolina. Called the 'Mormon Jersey Shore' by the Daily Beast, the film follows four unique singles in their 20s and early 30s. Through them - the film explores many striking and distinctive aspects of Mormon single life: partying without alcohol, supposedly chaste late nights, Mormon style hookups, and the all consuming quest to find romance with other Mormons in order to fulfill their very purpose on earth. The film is an unprecedented look into a world most people only assume to know. Spending time with the four characters, their friends and families, we start to understand the complexities, contradictions, struggles and confusions that are a part of this compelling facet of American life - being a single person of faith in modern America.

BBC synopsis: Documentary which follows four single Mormons looking for their eternal partner at a weekend-long, non-stop but sex-and-alcohol-free party in Duck Beach, North Carolina.

First broadcast: 14 Jan 2013

IMDB: 7.9
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